October’s Opening Chapters Writing Competition

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It’s Autumn! That means it’s time for the inaugural Opening Chapters Writing Competition!

For many people, autumn means hot drinks, warm jumpers and cold noses. For writers, this most beloved season means something else too: a burst of creativity before the end of the year.

Some people take part in NaNoWriMo, some people try to finish their manuscripts, and some people–hopefully you–take part in October’s Opening Chapters Writing Competition!

Opening Chapters Writing Competition

So, what is it?

Opening Chapters is the first ever Acres of Ink writing competition!

It is open to writers of all genres and demographics, so whether you’re working on a Middle Grade fantasy adventure, a Young Adult romance, an Adult horror story or something else, this is the competition for you.

Writers can submit up to 1,500 words of their opening chapter. It is important to note that, although the submission must be your own work, it does not have to be written specifically for the competition.

You can submit:

  • something from your WIP manuscript
  • an old story that’s been gathering dust in your drawer
  • something completely new!

Sounds great! When does it start?

The Opening Chapters writing competition officially opens at 9am (BST) on the 1st October 2020.

Entries will be accepted until 12 midnight (GMT) on the 31st October 2020.

Does it cost anything to enter?

Nope! The writing competition is completely free to enter. 2020 has drained us enough.

When will I find out the results?

Entries will be assessed throughout November 2020.

The shortlisted winners will be notified by 30th November and the final prizes will be announced on Monday 7th December.

Competition Rules

1. All entries must not exceed 1,500 words.

2. International entries are welcome.

3. All entries must be written in either UK English or US English.

4. All submissions must be the original work of the named competitor. All copyright will be retained by the named competitor throughout and after the competition.

5. To avoid conflicts of interest, all entries must not be:

  • published work (incl. self-published);
  • under consideration by literary agents or publishers during the competition period.

6. All entries must be received between 1st October – 31st October 2020 and before midnight (GMT) on the last day of the competition.

7. All entries must be sent to competition@acresofink.com only.


1st Prize: A Full Developmental Edit (no word count limit).

2nd Prize: A full suite of Develop-It-Yourself Writing Workbooks, plus 50% off Developmental Editing Services.

3rd Prize: A full suite of Develop-It-Yourself Writing Workbooks, plus 50% off Proofreading Services.

Shortlist Prize (3 Places): 15% discount of all Acres of Ink Editing Services.

All prizes and vouchers are single-use but have no expiry date. Additionally, the prizes do not need to be used on a manuscript that is related to your competition entry.

Interested? Check out the submission guidelines below!

Submission Guidelines

To enter your opening chapter, please email competition@acresofink.com

Please include the following details:

To: competition@acresofink.com

Subject Line: Opening Chapters Competition – {Your Name} – {Title of Piece}

Attachments: {.doc, .docx or PDF is acceptable}

Message to include:

  • Intended genre
  • Intended demographic
  • Contact details
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