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I’m thrilled to announce that the Acres of Ink Bookshop will be opening its doors in Spring 2021! This bookshop will host a range of titles–including Free Writing Guides and Develop-It-Yourself Workbooks–designed to help those who are writing or editing on a budget.

Whilst I will always recommend hiring a professional editor to look over your manuscript, it is not always financially viable to do so. Editors are expertly-trained professionals who have spent years honing their craft. Their rates (quite rightly) reflect this.

Unfortunately, times are hard. Many people have been made redundant due to the pandemic; many people are struggling for economic reasons. No matter how dedicated you are to your novel, the thought of spending hundreds on your manuscript will sound like an unrealistic luxury.

Don’t lose hope!

I firmly believe that lack of funds should never stop someone from achieving their dreams. The aim of this bookshop is to provide professional assistance and advice at a fraction of the usual price.

So… what’s in store?

Free Writing Guides

This suite of free writing guides will focus on common narrative and grammatical issues.

There’s no need to scroll endlessly through blog articles, trying to find out how to change passive voice to active voice, or how to stop ‘head-hopping’ with your characters.

It’s all right here!

editing on a budget
Topics include:

  • Points of View
  • Past, Present & Future Tense
  • Passive & Active Voice
  • Plots & Subplots
  • Showing & Telling
  • Themes & Motifs
  • Writing Genre Fiction

For those of you who are still developing your novel, rather than fine-tuning it, don’t worry! There’s something for you too…

Develop-It-Yourself Workbooks

These Develop-It-Yourself Workbooks are designed to help writers solve most ‘first draft issues’. They are full of professional editorial advice and guidance, focusing on five fundamental topics:

  • character development
  • plot development
  • worldbuilding
  • realistic dialogue
  • magic systems (for the fantasy writers)

Ever wanted to hire a developmental editor but can’t excuse the funds? I get it. I’ve been there. If you’re editing on a budget, this is the solution.

These workbooks walk you through the different stages of developmental editing, giving you the information you need to revamp the structure and substance of your novel. Whilst it will involve more heavy lifting on your part, what is writing if not blood, sweat and tears?

The full suite of workbooks will be available from the Acres of Ink Bookshop in January 2021, for individual sale or as cost-effective bundles.

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What elements of writing do you struggle with the most? Is there anything you’d like to see featured in the Acres of Ink Bookshop?

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