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I’m interested in writing a blog post. Do you accept them?


The topic of writing is broad, with many facets to explore. Kim welcomes guests posts from writers–traditionally published, self-published or as-yet unpublished–on a review basis. Everyone has different experiences, so if you have insight into a specific topic, please share your knowledge!

What can I write about?

Whilst all articles and topics are generally welcome, Kim has final approval over subject matter and content. This is so no offensive or libellous material will be published. If making specific claims (e.g. how much self-published authors earned in 2011, or how many Young Adult books sold in 2018), authors are expected to produce valid reference links.

I have a blog topic I think you’ll love. What do I do?

Please send all blog proposals to, with the words ‘Guest Blog – [Title of your article]’ in the subject heading. Kim will then contact you with comments and a publication date.

What else?

All blog articles will be attributed to the original author. Contact details (such as social media handles and personal websites) are welcome, along with a short bio if the author chooses to include one.