Developmental Editing


What is it?

Developmental editing is about loving the art of storytelling. It’s about what works, what doesn’t and – most importantly – knowing why.

Developmental editing, also known as ‘Structural’ or ‘Substantive’ editing, is a service suitable for any writer, from debuts with a first draft they don’t know how to edit, to ‘old hats’ who have rewritten their manuscript seventeen times and want to stop pulling their hair out.

This service gives detailed advice on how to add depth to your story, whilst streamlining it into a tight, punchy page-turner. As everyone knows, there is more to writing a book than throwing words on a page. Like every craft, there are rules to be followed and broken, and this service guides you through them, from structure to syntax, POVs and plot arcs, characters and consistency and–perhaps most importantly–opportunities for world building.

Developmental editing is about helping your novel grow to its full potential.

What do I get?

  • A close, honest read of your novel
  • Detailed feedback on:
    • novel pace and structure
    • narrative choices (including POVs)
    • theme effectiveness
    • characterisation and consistency, character arcs
    • plot arcs / development and any potential or perceived plot holes
    • world-building opportunities
  • Basic copy-editing and proofreading, focusing on typing mistakes, grammatical errors, syntax, spelling and clarity of prose
  • A revised and polished copy of your manuscript using Track Changes (MS Word)
  • A complementary Reader’s Report

What does it cost?

£0.0035 per word (for example, £280 for an 80,000 word novel).

Please note that the first 3,000 words are FREE OF CHARGE for any manuscript over 10,000 words.

For more details, please see Prices & Payments.

How long does it take?

Turnaround will be typically 6 weeks, but I will discuss any special requests / workload clashes with you before confirming your editing slot.

Not sure this is for you?