Developmental Editing

In-depth analysis and constructive feedback, so you can write the novel you want.

Developmental editing is about helping your novel grow to its full potential. Also known as ‘Structural’ or ‘Substantive’ editing, it is a service suitable for any writer, from debuts with a first draft they don’t know how to edit, to ‘old hats’ who have rewritten their manuscript seventeen times and want to stop pulling their hair out.

Genre Specialisms

Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Young Readers

Middle Grade and YA: Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Coming-of-Age and LGBTQ+


Heist / Caper, Adventure, Mystery, Thrillers and Supernatural


Historical Fantasy, Period Romance, Alternate Histories, Retellings

Kim clearly puts so much effort into what she does… I have already started working on my second draft! There is lots of really helpful stuff to get my teeth into; I can already see it’s much better than it was.

Sarah wynne (middle-grade adventure)

What’s included with a developmental edit?
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A close, honest read of your manuscript

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Constructive comments on characterisation and consistency, including character arcs

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Feedback on theme effectiveness and narrative choices (including POVs)

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Suggestions for world-building opportunities

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Detailed feedback on novel pace and structure

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Friendly critique of plot arcs and opportunities for development, including any potential plot holes

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Basic proofreading, including typos, grammatical errors and clarity of prose

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A revised copy of your novel with changes made via MS Word Track Changes

I can’t stress enough how helpful you’ve been and how much your comments and suggestions have improved everything. Thank you so much!

Harli v. park (ya horror)
How much does it cost?

My standard rate for a developmental edit is £0.0040 per word. To make it easier, I’ve put typical breakdowns in the table below.

10,000 words

50,000 words

80,000 words

150,000 words





Please note: Projects over 20,000 words are eligible for a 3,000 word discount. Additionally, staggered payment plans are available for repeat clients.

I took one look at her profile and knew I had to work with Kim on my book. She not only understands the concept of a Developmental Edit, but she dives deep into the story, root and stem! Excellent experience.

M.G. Darwish (YA Urban fantasy)

Request a Developmental Edit

Not sure Developmental Editing is for you?

I offer a sample edit of up to 5,000 words. It’s a great opportunity to see how we might work together and there is no obligation to purchase full services. Why not give it a try?