First 50 Pages Critique

Most agents and publishers won’t read your full manuscript until they’ve seen your first 50 pages or the opening 3 chapters.

The first 50 pages of your manuscript are integral to your novel’s success. They have a very specific job to do, providing an accurate snapshot of your pace, your worldbuilding, your characters and your plot. It is therefore important to get it right before sending it off to agents!

A ‘First 50 Pages’ critique takes a look at all the essential elements of a killer opening, ensuring you hit all the right story beats before you send your manuscript off to query.

Submission / Query Checklist

Have you got everything you need? Before sending your manuscript to agents, check their website to make sure you’ve followed their specific submission requirements.

first 50 pages 3 chapters
First 50 Pages

(Some agents may ask for your first 3 chapters instead.)

synopsis 1 page

This is a 1-page overview of your novel.

chapter breakdown

Agents might ask for a chapter breakdown as well as a synopsis.

query letter pitch
Query Letter

This covering letter will likely include the dreaded 1-line ‘Pitch’.

You’re amazing! Your critique is so insightful and you’ve come up with so many great suggestions for development. You’re a genius.

Emma Potter-peck (Young Adult Fantasy)

What’s included with a ‘First 50 Pages’ critique?
Leaf icon developmental editing

A close, honest read of your first 50 pages (or your first 3 chapters)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Constructive comments on characterisation and consistency, including character arcs

Leaf icon developmental editing

Feedback on theme effectiveness and narrative choices (including POVs)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Suggestions for world-building opportunities

Leaf icon developmental editing

Detailed feedback on novel pace and structure, including story beats

Leaf icon developmental editing

Friendly critique of plot arcs and opportunities for development, including any potential plot holes

Leaf icon developmental editing

Basic proofreading, including typos, grammatical errors and clarity of prose

Leaf icon developmental editing

A revised copy of your document with changes made via MS Word Track Changes

Great communication, quick turnaround, very insightful points and thorough editing. Would recommend, 10/10!

R. Keller (adult sci-fi)
How much does it cost?

The first 50 pages (or first 3 chapters) of a novel typically have a combined word count of around 12,500 words.

Based on that amount, a critique costs a flat fee of £50.00.

However, novels are tricky beasts and there are many reasons why a chapter word count may differ from that number. If you’ve written a children’s novel, the first 3 chapters may fall dramatically short of 12,500 words. The first 3 chapters of an adult fantasy novel may greatly exceed it.

If you have any questions about the pricing of your project, please contact me via the form below and I will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote.

Kim is very detailed and thorough;
I highly recommend her! Thank you so much.

Audrey lavigne (Middle grade fiction)

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