Free Sample Edit

Novels can be intensely personal things.

Every writer works in their own individual way and how a manuscript develops is crucial to its success – whether that success is defined by commercial popularity or simply satisfaction in the eyes of the author.

Acres of Ink offers a 3,000 word sample edit to ensure that every writer is happy with the AOI working style before purchasing a full service.

The sample edit is completely free and writers are not under any obligation to purchase any other service once it is complete.

How it works:

Step 1 Request a sample edit via the Contact Page (or click the link below).
Step 2 Receive an email with the next available ‘Sample Slot’ date.
Step 3 Send an editable Word (.doc or .docx) file to
Step 4 Receive an email confirming the safe receipt of your document and slot.
Step 5 Wait. Receive edits on due date!