Line Editing

Improve the artistry of your story line-by-line, whilst ensuring your manuscript meets high editorial standards for publishing.

Line editing (also known as stylistic editing) focuses on the sentences and paragraphs of your novel. The aim is to improve the artistry of the writing; making sentences, scenes and chapters flow, as well as keeping them grammatically correct and consistent.

This service is designed to amplify the author’s narrative voice, making the meaning behind their words clear whilst ensuring the formatting of those words is industry-ready.

Genre Specialisms

Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Young Readers

Middle Grade and YA: Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Coming-of-Age and LGBTQ+


Heist / Caper, Adventure, Mystery, Thrillers and Supernatural


Historical Fantasy, Period Romance, Alternate Histories, Retellings

Kim is a wizard. She can perfectly encapsulate what I’m trying to say in fewer words with greater impact, all whilst keeping my own narrative voice intact.

S.E. Berrow (Adult historical fantasy)

What’s included with a line edit?

As part of the line editing service, I provide standard manuscript formatting and a professional Style Sheet, as well as addressing the below:

Leaf icon developmental editing

Word choices, for more powerful or appropriate vocabulary

Leaf icon developmental editing

Plot, character and timeline inconsistencies (the devil is in the details!)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Point of view issues (focusing on clarity, consistency and effectiveness, etc.)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

Leaf icon developmental editing

Sentence structure and sentence order (for flow, logic and impact)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Text-based inconsistencies, such as capitalisation, hyphenation,

Leaf icon developmental editing

Basic fact-checking (such as historical dates, geographical facts and brand name spellings)

Leaf icon developmental editing

Ambiguous or confusing phrasing

Everything is so glossy and concise now! Kim has really seen the heart of my story and helped my voice come through.

Tracey jones-wright (Middle grade adventure)
How much does it cost?

My standard rate for a developmental edit is £0.0045 per word. To make it easier, I’ve put typical breakdowns in the table below.

10,000 words

50,000 words

80,000 words

150,000 words





Please note: Interest-free payment plans are available for all clients, so it is possible to spread the project cost over a 3-month period (or 6-month for repeat clients).

Amazing. Thank you!

Ben Young (Adult science fiction)

Request a Line Edit

Not sure Line Editing is for you?

I offer a sample edit of up to 5,000 words. It’s a great opportunity to see how we might work together and there is no obligation to purchase full services. Why not give it a try?