Novel Outline Critique

Constructive feedback on story-beats, pacing, character arcs and plot arcs. An outline critique allows you to start your novel with confidence.

An outline critique is designed for writers who want help with story pace or arcs. If you want your novel to hit the right story-beats, this is the service for you.

When writing a first draft, it is easy to muddle plot points or forget to close important story-loops. It is even easier to create plot holes or ‘saggy’ middles.

An outline critique solves that. It takes the guesswork out of drafting, providing you with a roadmap for a great novel. By writing your novel ‘right’ on the first go, you can reduce the need for extensive editing at a later stage.

What’s included with an outline critique?
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A close, honest read of your outline, focusing on storybeats

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Constructive comments on character arcs and character consistency

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Feedback on theme effectiveness

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Feedback on demographic and target audience suitability

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Detailed feedback on novel pace and structure

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Constructive comments on plot arcs, including highlighting plot holes

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Suggestions for world-building, character and plot opportunities

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A complete outline analysis document, usually 20+ pages

Kim not only helped me tighten my outline, but suggested changes to key events that I immediately knew would make my novel much stronger. Thank you for being such an incredible Word Witch!

How much does it cost?

I charge a flat fee of £30 per outline critique.

Clients are welcome to submit their outline as bulletpoints or as full chapter breakdowns. However, I ask that all documents are formatted as below:

  • MS Word document
  • Double spaced
  • Font size 12 (Times New Roman)

If you would like to discuss your outline before purchasing this service, please contact me via the form below.

[Kim’s] critiques are balanced and insightful, packed with excellent suggestions that both support my vision and push me outside my own comfort zones as a writer. I feel positively unstoppable.

S.E. Berrow (adult historical fantasy)

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