What is it?

Proofreading is the ‘final check’ before publication. There’s nothing more frustrating than releasing something and then finding a mistake; casting a pair of fresh eyes on your manuscript can work wonders.

Even today, there are traditionally published books that are printed with errors, whether it’s a simple typo or a glaring plot hole that wasn’t noticed until it was too late. Mistakes can distract your readers and take them out of the story or–worse–completely obscure your intended meaning.

The reason for these errors isn’t laziness nor ineptitude but simple human nature; writers are people and we are not infallible! At the time of publication, authors have typically written and rewritten their novel several times and it is no surprise that some things slip through the net.

It is far too easy for your brain to read what you think you have written instead of what you have actually written. Casting a pair of fresh eyes over your novel can work wonders.

What do I get?

  • A close reading of your novel, specifically with regards to:
    • grammar
    • punctuation
    • syntax
    • spelling
    • clarity of prose
    • textual consistency (e.g. hyphenation and capitalisation)
    • typographic consistency (e.g. size and style of fonts)
    • layout consistency (e.g. line spacing, text alignment and paragraph indentation)
  • A revised copy of your manuscript using Track Changes (MS Word)
  • A complementary Reader’s Report

What does it cost?

£0.0025 per word (for example, £200 for an 80,000 word novel).

Please note that the first 3,000 words are FREE OF CHARGE for any manuscript over 10,000 words.

For more details, please see Prices & Payments.

How long does it take?

Turn-around will typically be 3-4 weeks depending on manuscript length, but I will discuss any special requests / workload clashes with you beforehand.