There’s nothing more frustrating than releasing something and then finding a mistake. Casting a pair of fresh eyes on your manuscript can work wonders.

Proofreading is the final check in the publishing process. A mistake, whether it’s a simple typo or a glaring plot-hole, can distract your readers and take them out of the story. Worse, the error can sometimes obscure your intended meaning!

The truth is, writers are people. Mistakes happen, especially when you’ve written and rewritten your novel several times. It’s no surprise that some things slip through the net. My job is to catch those devious typo gremlins and help you publish a polished, error-free novel.

Issues addressed by proofreading
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Grammar and punctuation

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Spelling and typing errors

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Textual consistency (e.g. hyphenation and capitalisation)

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Typographic consistency (e.g. font size and style)

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Sentence structure (syntax)

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Clarity of prose

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Layout consistency (e.g. line spacing, text alignment and paragraph indentation)

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Revised copy provided via MS Word Track Changes.

Kim was excellent – she did a very polished, professional job of editing and proofreading. She is very friendly and accommodating and easy to communicate with. I will definitely be using her services in the future!

Lisa mouzouris (adult non-fiction)
How much does it cost?

My standard rate for a proofreading service is £0.0030 per word. To make it easier, I’ve put typical breakdowns in the table below.

10,000 words

50,000 words

80,000 words

150,000 words





Please note: Projects over 20,000 words are eligible for a 3,000 word discount. Additionally, staggered payment plans are available for repeat clients.

Thank you so much. You’re a wizard!

Nichola egan (scientific non-fiction)

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