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Novels are personal things. A sample edit can help authors choose an editor who is the right ‘fit’ for their book project.

Letting someone see your novel for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Showing it to an editor for the first time might feel even more daunting.

I offer a sample edit of up to 5,000 words so that all writers can receive an accurate insight into how we might work together on their manuscript.

What’s included with a sample edit?
Leaf icon developmental editing

A close, honest read of your 5,000-word sample

Leaf icon sample edit

A detailed review of content, including story beats, characters, plot and dialogue

Leaf icon developmental editing

A miniature manuscript critique and suggestions for next steps

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A review of the narrative voice and its effectiveness

Leaf icon sample edit

Basic proofreading, including typos, grammatical errors and clarity of prose

Leaf icon developmental editing

A revised copy of your sample with changes made via MS Word Track Changes

Kim was amazing! Everything was clear and concise. Her expertise really shows through her notes and she thoroughly understood my vision!

J. Coleman (middle grade fiction)

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?

Sample edits cost a flat fee of £15.00.

How many words can I send you?

The sample is for up to 5,000 words but I’m not unreasonably attached to that number. If you send me 5,025 words in order to finish a chapter, that’s fine. However, if you need an edit for your opening chapters and they greatly exceed 5,000 words, you may be better served by my First 50 Pages Critique service.

Will I have to purchase a full service after I get my sample?

Nope! Clients are under no obligation to purchase any other service after they receive their sample edit. However, if you choose to do so, the £15.00 will be discounted from your full project cost–therefore making it completely free!

My manuscript isn’t finished. Can I still get a sample edit?

Absolutely. I often work with clients who are writing their first drafts and want some guidance on their opening chapters. However, if you wish to purchase a full developmental edit, I would strongly advise finishing your manuscript first. Not only is it more cost effective for you, it also allows me to provide a better quality service as I will have a complete idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

English isn’t my first language. Can I still send you my novel?

Yes, but as long as it’s an English translation!*

Unfortunately, I don’t read any other language to an expert or native level. I have a smattering of Russian but it won’t be enough unless you’ve written a picture book about a hedgehog trying to find a library. Therefore, I ask that all manuscripts are written in British or American English.

If you are not a native English speaker, please let me know as this may affect turnaround times.

Please note: Texts translated by a person are accepted. Texts translated through Google Translate are not.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my draft. I’ve read through your edits a few times and honestly, I completely agree with all of them – we’re absolutely on the same page.

Emma potter-peck (young adult)

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