I’m pleased to offer a range of services to suit every author, no matter where they are in their career.

Whether you’re a new writer struggling through your first draft or a grizzled pro who’s just finished your third novel, there is something for everyone.

Choose from any one of the services below to find out more:

sample edit services

Sample Edit

Publishing may be a business, but writing a novel is personal. Anyone who has been through the process of getting a book published will tell you that choosing the right people to work with you–a developmental editor, a literary agent, a publisher–is an important choice.

Acres of Ink offers a sample edit to ensure that every writer is happy with the AOI working style before committing to any other purchase.

Please note: Writers are under no obligation to purchase additional services.

novel outline services

Novel Outline Critique

Writing a novel is difficult. There are so many aspects to consider, from plot arcs to character arcs; from worldbuilding to hitting those ever-important story-beats.

An novel outline critique takes all the guesswork out of your draft.

Avoid plot holes, ‘saggy’ middles and unsatisfying conclusion before you even put pen to paper. If you want to write a strong first draft–and save valuable time on extensive editing–this is the service for you.

first 50 pages services

First 50 Pages Critique

Did you know that most agents won’t read your full manuscript at first? Instead, authors are usually asked to submit the first 50 pages (or first 3 chapters) of their book. If an agent likes those, then they may request a ‘full’, meaning your entire novel.

A ‘First 50 Pages’ critique takes a look at all the essential elements of a killer opening, ensuring you hit all the right story beats before you send your manuscript off to query.

developmental edit services

Developmental Edit

Developmental editing is all about helping your novel reach its full potential. This service is for anyone, from writers who have a first draft but don’t know how to start editing it, to authors who have edited it seventeen times and want to stop pulling their hair out.

Although storytelling is an art form, there are craft rules that must be followed. An effective developmental edit will show you what works, what doesn’t and – most importantly – why. It will tell you what’s great, what isn’t, and where you can improve or develop your story so it leaps off the page.

Typically, this service focuses on:

– characterisation, character consistency and arcs
– plot arcs, plot holes and plot effectiveness
– hooks, pace and structure
– narrative style and language use
– themes and symbolism
– scope for development, including world-building opportunities

Additionally, Acres of Ink provides basic copy-editing and proofreading. Every writer will also be issued with a free Reader’s Report, detailing Crutch Words and recommended further reading.

line editing services

Line Edit

Line editing (also known as stylistic editing) focuses on the sentences and paragraphs of your novel. The aim is to improve the artistry of the writing; making sentences, scenes and chapters flow, as well as keeping them grammatically correct and consistent.

This service is designed to amplify the author’s narrative voice, making the meaning behind their words clear whilst ensuring the formatting of those words is industry-ready.

proofreading services


Proofreading is the last hoop to jump through before sending your book to an agent.

You’ve done all the hard work, honed your characters, polished your plot and built your world–now you just need to make sure typos and formatting issues don’t get in the way of your success.

It is the process of examining the final draft of a manuscript for errors. This examination is completed after it has been edited.

A proofreader will review for:

– spelling errors or typos
– punctuation errors
– formatting issues
– clarity and sense

It is far too easy for your brain to read what you think you have written instead of what you have actually written. Casting a pair of fresh eyes over your novel can work wonders.

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