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I took one look at her profile and knew I had to work with Kim on [my book]. She not only understands the concept of a Developmental Edit, but she dives deep into the story, root and stem! Excellent experience.

– M. G. Darwish, author of Fortier (YA Urban Fantasy)

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this edit. I’m really impressed by the professional way you handled the editing process of these short texts.

– Rashi Allawi, curator of Arabic Flash Fiction Anthology (Fiction)

Kim clearly puts so much effort into what she does… I have already started working on [my second draft]! There is lots of really helpful stuff to get my teeth into; I can already see it’s much better than it was.

– Sarah Wynne, author of Dogs of Doom (Children’s Adventure)

Kim did an excellent job editing my absolute monster of a novel. She helped me rework my first draft with confidence, skill and tact. Her endless patience, insightful commentary, constructive criticisms and enthusiastic suggestions for the future have been enormously helpful. I am now excited to work on my book again. I would 100% recommend her services.

– S.E. Berrow, author of The Mayor (Adult Historical Fantasy)

I’m stupidly happy! I can’t stress enough how helpful you’ve been and how much your comments as well as suggestions have improved everything. Thank you so much!

– Harli V. Park, author of Transience (YA Horror Fantasy)

Kim was excellent – she did a very polished, professional job of editing and proof-reading. She is very friendly and accommodating and easy to communicate with. She knows right away what you are asking for, so you don’t spend precious time trying to explain everything. I will definitely be using her services in the future!

— Lisa Mouzouris (Adult Non-Fiction)